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    Lighting Projects
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    Spring flowers brilliant
    \Lighting works: spring flowers brilliant
    Specifications: 1-2 meters long, 2-5 meters high
    Main material: guardrail lights (most of the low voltage 12V, part of the high voltage 220V); guardrail lights installation clamps, waterproof transformers, LED guardrail lights master, LED guardrail light sub-
    Auxiliary materials: male and female plugs, super five cable, two power lines, self-tapping screws, expansion screws, etc.
    Facilities: point light source, LED guardrail lights, wall washer, wall lamp, flood light, cast light and other products. Brightness LED, as a light source, a monochrome, two-color, colorful and other colors, through the IC chip control, can be real water, gradient, jump, chase to achieve gradient, jump, color flicker, random flash, gradient alternation, chase, scan Such as color changes.
    Uses: urban street lighting system, urban building body lighting, green night lighting project, street lighting project, urban light boxes and door plaque renovation project, street lamp monitoring project