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    Zigong lanterns take advantage of the Beijing Fair to find overseas billion-leve
    发布时间:2017-05-18 11:59:18 来源:本站原创 点击量:
    A small lantern behind Zigong City, Sichuan Province, more than 380 enterprises more than 80,000 employees, the annual output value of 2.5 billion, involving training R & D design cultural heritage, and more than 60 countries export large industrial chain. Recently, at the venue of the Beijing Fair in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, Standing Committee, Organization Minister Li Guogui to the world to do the "Sichuan light Yao Silk Road" theme promotion speech, introduced Zigong Lantern Festival and Zigong lantern culture, and hope that leveraging the Beijing Fair The export of Zigong lanterns to 100 countries, exports reached 100 million US dollars in planning.
    Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that Zigong Lantern has a long history, distinctive features. Zigong has a "southern city of light" reputation. Since the Tang Dynasty, there will be a new year of light of the customs, the development of the city today there are more than 380 households Lantern, employing 80,000 people, the annual output value of 2.5 billion yuan. Zigong Lantern industry has occupied 80% of domestic and foreign market share of more than 90%. Zigong has a lantern professional medium technical training school 1, Lantern Design and Culture Institute 1, Sichuan Institute of Technology internship and training base 6. At this point, Zigong Lantern industry chain has been extended, involved in cultural festivals, creative exhibitions, tourist attractions, urban landscape lighting and simulation of animal and plant models and other fields, initially formed a relatively complete industrial development system, service network system and a new cultural industry Cluster.
    Zigong Lantern has been popular in the country, to the world. With the implementation of the national "all the way" strategy and the pace of development of foreign cultural trade, Zigong Lantern will quietly board the international stage, by the people of the world a high degree of concern and widespread love, become the spread of traditional Chinese culture, promote cultural exchanges, rich Regional tourism products of the bridge and platform. Zigong Lantern has been exhibited in more than 50 countries and regions in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai and Seychelles. To lanterns, simulation dinosaur-based cultural products exported to nearly 60 countries around the world.

    Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce and the Zigong Municipal Government put forward the "Sichuan-Yao Road," five-year plan to Zigong Lantern as the carrier, the integration of other Chinese cultural elements, build a combination of culture and economy platform, in the "area along the way" along The country and the world's 100 cities held 100 lights will be displayed, leading 100 times the enterprise "going out" to expand the international market, foreign trade services to achieve a total of 100 million US dollars target.
    In the fourth session of the Beijing Fair, Zigong Xinya Lantern Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. and the British Langley Group signed the "2016 British Lighting Fair" contract, Sichuan Tianyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and the United States Festival Production Co., Ltd. signed "Milwaukee China lantern Exhibition "contract, the two sides said that the Beijing Trade Fair so that they reached a cooperation.